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Whiskey Stills and Kits

Whisky distillation can be a very interesting hobby, and you generally wont be alone since it is a popular trend. Beware though, it ain't necessarily legal in many areas...

If your thinking about buying a whiskey still, we have some options for you below.

Or, if your planning on building a Whiskey still, this is a practice that needs some planning and thought behind it. Determining what equipment you need to produce an acceptable and safe product is an important part of the operation. You can get some good guidance by checking out our ebook selection for building a still, and step by step guidance in your distillation process.

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Whiskey distillation is most often produced through the use of a pot still. With a pot still, much of the flavor from the mash can be retained in the final product.

Choosing good components and construction materials will help reduce risk of contamination and failure.

A pot still is the best choice for flavorful spirits like Whiskey, Scotch and Bourbon where the mash infuses a tasty finish into your hooch.

Traditionally, Irish whiskey is distilled three times and Scotch whisky is distilled twice. For this reason, Irish whiskey may more often be a smoother and more pure whiskey.

Take some time to read through our Whiskey Still Plans website to gain the information and knowledge needed to make a good decision when buying or building a still.

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