Build-it-Yourself Moonshine Still Plans

Vodka Still Neutral Spirits Distillation Recipe Ingredients

Traditionally vodka was distilled in a pot still where it is processed multiple times to get a pure product.

More common these days is the use of a modern reflux still.

With a valved reflux or internal reflux still you could get away with running your spirits through one time to get an acceptable product.

Get Your Distilling Tools In Order

Here's what you need to get your recipe started

  • A moonshine jug
  • Chopping board
  • Sharp Knife
  • Large Saucepan
  • Long plastic spoon
  • Thermometer
  • A couple of old blankets
  • 1 x alcohol hydrometer for spirits
  • 1 x gallon Demi John or carboy jug
  • Some jars or jugs, you will need a few of these
  • A blender, or just a potato masher
  • 2 x 25L fermenters or a large Barrel 40L with an air lock. You need to be able to hold at least 23L of liquid with a lot of room at the top
  • A charcoal or carbon filter to help smooth the spirit out

Vodka Still Distillation Recipe Ingredients

Potato Vodka Recipes: potato vodka is one of my favorites!

Potato Vodka Recipe Ingredients
9kg of Potatoes
1kg Barley Malt
Amylase, Optional
2kg Sugar, Optional
Yeast: bakers yeast, ale yeas, or wine yeast are all good choices
Another Simple Potato Vodka Recipe
4 parts potatoes
1 part crushed malted barley
1 pound cane sugar per 5 gallons (optional)

Russian Vodka Recipes (Samogon)

Of Russian origin: Samogon, originates in the back woods of Russia as a different form of Vodka that's the tipple of choice. It’s called Samogon, Russian moonshine. It comes in many flavors, is distilled from many ingredients and is often of near atomic strength.

Note: A Russian bucket measures 12 litres

Wheat grain malt:
10kg malted wheat,
30l water,
500g yeast.
Potatoes and malted grain:
5 buckets potatoes,
2 buckets malted grain.
Bread & malted grain (1):
20 loaves of bread,
2 buckets malted grain.
Bread & malted grain (2):
12 loaves of bread,
1/2 bucket malt grain,
15l water, 750g yeast.
Sugar mash:
6kg sugar,
30l water,
200g yeast,
bunch currants or morello cherries or dill for flavor.
200g yeast,
30l of shredded and cooked sugar-beets.
Sugar-beet and sugar:
6kg sugar,
10l water,
500g yeast,
15l shredded and cooked sugar-beets.
Sugar-beet molasses:
1 bucket molasses,
25l water,
250g yeast.
2 buckets water,
10kg starch,
2kg sugar,
500g yeast.
3kg honey,
3l sugar syrup,
27l water,
300g yeast.
Mixed mash:
1kg sugar,
21litres water,
20 glasses wheat grain.

Other recipes for fruit vodka include fresh apples, pears, plums, dried apples and pears. Yummy!